World’s Top 5 Dangerous Female Mafia Leaders!

Speaking of mafia leaders, scary-eyed, charismatic and tough guys appear on everyone’s minds. But it’s not just men doing this dangerous job. There are many notable female mafia leaders in the world. Here are the brutal mafia organizations and their women leaders who commit brutal crimes;

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1. Claudiya Ochoa Felix

This lady, who has become one of the phenomena of social media, is famous not only for her beauty, but also for being the leader of the famous mafia organization “Los Antrax” in Mexico. The organization we mentioned is shown as responsible for many murders and serious crimes that have been closed. The organization’s female leader, Claudia, is still an inaccessible force with her many bodyguards and intelligence.


2. Rafaella D’alterio

The Neapolitan mafia includes mothers of the crucifixes along with the crucifixes. Rafaella D’alterio started leading the former Camaro mafia group after the death of her husband Nikol Pianese. More than $ 10 million in cash was seized in searches of Rafaella’s house, who was caught about 3 years ago. It is estimated that the group committed more than 4,000 crimes in 30 years.


3. Judy Moran

Reminiscent of a retired woman at first glance, Judy Moran is the head of a group in Australia called ‘Moranov’. This group is recognized as one of the most dangerous drug dealers in “Green Continent”. The name of the group is mentioned in a number of serious murders along with the sale of illegal drugs. Mafia Leader Cudy Moran was arrested in 2009 and sentenced to 8 years in prison.


4. Maria Licciardi

Headed by the godmother Maria Licciardi, the mafia made its name known to the world through human trafficking and sexual service. The group was deceived by promises to take young girls from the Albanian mafia who have not reached puberty and get a job with high wages in this Italy. Girls who were not persuaded to work sexually were brutally shot by the group’s men. Mariya Licciardi was caught and sent to prison in 2001 and is still serving her sentence.

5. Jemeker Thompson

Living in Los Angeles, Jemeker Thompson is a mafia leader who took over after her husband was murdered. He became a mafia leader at the age of 27. Jemeker Thompson, who committed crimes such as smuggling, extortion and counterfeiting, is one of the most dangerous female mafia leaders. She was arrested at the school she went to attend her son’s graduation ceremony. Jemeker Thompson, who understood his guilt during his time in prison and turned into a good person, is now preaching to young people.