Hello everyone, In this topic, we will explain to you why Fifi has left the series Sen Cal Kapimi, one of the popular TV series of Fox TV and Turkish televisions.

In the 28th episode of the series Sen Cal Kapimi which is one of the most talked-about series on social media, the popular character Fifi (Sitare Akbaş) left the series. Those who loved the series were very upset about this situation and started to search why she left.

Why Fifi Left Sen Cal Kapimi?

Despite being one of the most popular actors of the series, the character of Fifi has left the series surprisingly. MF production announced that the character of Fifi left the series by sharing on his official Instagram account. Immediately after, Sitare Akbaş said goodbye to the character of Fifi in the post she made on her official Instagram account. The reason for the surprise breakup is not the scenario. Our player left the series at his own request.

In the 28th episode, MF Yapım announced the departure of Sitare Akbaş, who left the series. The reason for Fifi’s departure is that she has agreed with another series. In other words, our actor Sitare Akbaş left the series, not due to the scenario, but on her own request and agreed with the TV series Ramo. Our player will be in front of us with the Ramo series in the coming days.

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