Melisa Dongel, who played the character of Ceren in Sen Cal Kapimi, has allegedly left the series. So, has Melisa Dongel left the Sen Cal Kapimi series?


You Knock My Door or Sen Cal Kapimi , which started on FOX TV screens last summer and quickly collapsed after the rating records it broke and never recovered, made the season finale quite sad for those who watched it last week. Even the departure of Hande Erçel, one of the lead actors in the series Sen Çal Kapımı, which signals a big change in the cast, was raised.

On June 2. a sad news has come from the series Sen Cal Kapimi, which is preparing to appear in front of those who are watching the season again. Melisa Dongel, who played the character of Ceren in the TV series You Knock on My Door, has allegedly left. For a long time, it has already been a matter of curiosity how the departure of Ceren, whose scenes were reduced in the series You Knock on My Door and became an invisible character, will have an impact on the series.

It is expected that Melisa Dongel, Fatih Aksoy and Yağmur Ünal will meet in the new project to be adapted from the South Korean series Canning Single Lady. In addition, such leading actors as Burcu Özberk, Ilhan Sen, Burak Yoruk also take part in this series.

The series is expected to start filming after Eid al-Fitr and will hit screens at the beginning of June.