Ilhan Sen, who played the character of Ozan Korfalı in the Ask Mantik Intikam (Love and Revenge) series that started broadcasting on Friday evenings on FOX TV screens, became the subject of curiosity. So who is the Ozan of Ask Mantik Intikam?

Who is Ozan in Ask Mantik Intikam?

Ilhan Sen was born on December 19, 1987 in Bulgaria. Ilhan completed Primary and Secondary school in Istanbul and then completed his university education at Yıldız Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering.

in 2008, he reached the final of the best model competition in Turkey, which he participated in, but he was named the Best Swimsuit Model. in 2009, he was named the Best Model of Turkey. Then he represented Turkey at the World’s Best Model contest held in Bulgaria and was named the Best Model in Europe. Ilhan Sen worked as a model for a while and then studied acting. The series called Şahin Tepesi became the project on which he stepped into his acting career.

Ilhan Sen is 1.89 meters tall, 82 pounds and Sagittarius, he also gave life to the character of Erman Façalı in the TV series Don’t Rule the Bandit World, which was broadcast on ATV screens in previous periods.