In his blog we will answer the question that where is the series of The Game of My Destiny / Kaderimin Oyunu being filmed?  The filming of the series Kaderimin Oyunu, which is being prepared to appear on the screens of Star TV, started recently, and the audience was also curious about where the series was filmed. We will share with you where the series of Kaderimin Oyunu was filmed and the shooting locations of the series.

Where was Kaderimin Oyunu series filmed?

The filming of the series Kaderimin Oyunu has started in Amasya and the shooting of the series will continue in Amasya. Even in recent weeks, the governor and Mayor of Amasya had gone to visit the set of the series. Amasya has been home to many civilizations until today and is a very culturally rich city. Because of this, the filming of the series Kaderimin Oyunu is also taking place in Amasya.

Amasya is a small city, so many districts of Amasya will be used for the filming of the series. Amasya is a very culturally rich city and has many historical districts. However, most of the main story and filming told in the series Kaderimin Oyunu will take place in the center of Amasya. The bridge where Cemal and Asiye walk, which we also saw in the first episode trailer, is the Kunç Bridge.