Where is the Atiye Series Being Filmed, Which Provinces and Where Are the Venues? While information about the Atiye series continues to arrive, the filming locations of the series have also become a matter of curiosity. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Where is the Atiye series being Filmed?

The series of Atiye is being shot in Göbeklitepe / Turkey.

Where is Göbeklitepe?

Göbeklitepe is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. A photo exhibition was opened at Istanbul Yenikapi Metro Station to promote Göbeklitepe. But Göbeklitepe is actually located in Sanliurfa

How to Get to Göbeklitepe?

In order to make a direct transfer from the airport to Göbeklitepe, you need to have a private car. There is no public transport. If you want to take public transport, you should go to the center of Sanliurfa. It is about 36 kilometers between Sanli Decfa Airport and Göbeklitepe.

How do I Get Directions to Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe?

Göbeklitepe is located 18 kilometers east of the center of Sanliurfa, close to the village of Örencik. If you plan to get here by car from the city center, you should drive for about 20 minutes along the D400 motorway. Göbeklitepe Address: Göbeklitepe Ruins, Dağetegi Neighborhood, Haliliye, Sanliurfa.

The series began filming in Istanbul. After that, filming continued in various cities of Southeastern Anatolia, including Göbeklitepe. The series of horses meets with the audience from December 27.