Hello everyone, in this blog we will review When is the final date of the Son Yaz series? Is the Son Yaz (Last Summer) over yet?

is Son Yaz series over?

For the Last Summer (Son Yaz) series, allegations have been on the agenda for several weeks. The questions of whether he will make the finals last Summer are coming up intensively. In fact, the first season of the series went well. Although the first season went well, after the very important characters said goodbye to the series in the season finale, prejudices against the series actually began. As we have said since the second season started, the finale has been on the ambitious agenda.

Unfortunately, after all this process, the allegations turned out to be true. It turned out that the series will have a finale very soon. Although new actors arrived in the new season, the production could not return.

When Will the Final of the Son Yaz series Be?

After it was revealed that the series would have a final, it became curious when it would have a final. The allegations also turned out to be true in this regard. 26, As the series has been told in recent weeks.we found out that he was going to make the final in the episode.

26.along with the episode, the series will end and one more adventure will be over. Once upon a time, even if ambitious names like Akalay were included in the series, the desired could not be achieved, and we also understood it.

We don’t know if the day change is also effective here. After the Love Logic Revenge series, the day was changed and the series was moved to the weekend. This may also affect the ratings.

After all, now the series is making its final, for all the reasons and the characters who have left. We know that many famous actors took part in the series. We don’t know which series we will see these players in in the next period. We only know that Ali Atay will continue with Leyla in the Majnun series. If details appear in the future for other names, we will provide information in this case.