Atiye, which was released as Netflix’s second Turkish series, was released on December 27. We have compiled the details about the series, which was highly appreciated in a short time and whose second season is eagerly awaited.


A painter in Istanbul reveals the universal secrets of an archaeological site in Anatolia and the relationship of this area with his own past in his personal journey.

Atiye Actors – Cast

Beren Saat – Atiye

Mehmet Günsür – Erhan

Metin Akdülger – Ozan

Melisa Şenolsun – Cansu

Başak Köklükaya – Serap

Civan Canova – Mustafa

Meral Çetinkaya – Zühre

Hazal Türesan – Hannah

Cezmi Baskın – Öner

Tim Seyfi – Serdar

Where is Atiye series being filmed?

Atiye’s series filming takes place mainly in Göbeklitepe. Göbeklitepe or Göbekli Tepe is the oldest known cult building community in the world, located near the village of Örencik, approximately 22 km northeast of the provincial center of Sanliurfa. A common feature of these structures is that 10-12 obelisks in the form of T are lined up in a round plan, decked between them with a stone wall. In the center of this structure, two obelisks of a higher height are located side by side. On most of the obelisks, people, hands and arms, various animals and abstract symbols are depicted by embossing or carving. The motifs in question have been used too intensively to be an ornament from place to place.

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