A new series called Aziz is starting on Turkish television very soon. The new series of Show TV, Aziz, will start very soon. After the Yalancı series, another production that we were wondering about was the Aziz series. The series that will feature Murat Yıldırım, who spent a very successful season in Ramo, is one of the ambitious series considered for the new season. Details have also become clear about two important issues for the series, which is gradually being prepared for publication. The subject and the actors. The subject of the Aziz series and its actors demonstrate the claim of the series.

Aziz TV series

We also evaluated the actors who will take part in the series along with the first published frames and the topic of the series. Let’s see who are the actors who will take part in the series?

The Subject of The Aziz Series

We will see the recent history in Aziz, which will be a series of periods. The main character Aziz, who gave his name to the series, will be in the role of the son of the family that produces the only carpet in Antioch.

The Aziz, who is considered a loved one, will kill the Lieutenant son of the French delegate because of an incident. After that, he’ll have to run away. Aziz, who will decamp, leaving his family, his house, everything, will return to his land after 2 years have passed.

But when he comes back, he’ll face events we never expected. The girl he loves will be engaged to his uncle’s son. On the one hand, the saint who lost his first love will see that Antioch is occupied by the French.

We will watch what happens to the character who is going to get into a fight.

In the part up to here, we have covered the topic of the Aziz series. Now let’s take a look at the players.

Aziz (The Saint) Cast , Actors

  • Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan
  • Murat Yıldırım
  • Damla Sönmez
  • Güven Murat Akpınar
  • Suzan Kardeş
  • Meral Çetinkaya
  • Eren Hacısalihoğlu
  • Ayten Soykök
  • Simay Barlas
  • Elif Sönmez
  • Mehmet Avdan
  • İmren Şengel
  • Füsun Demirel
  • Baran Akbulut
  • Özgür Onan
  • Haydar Köyel