The Cast Members who Left the Forbidden Apple (Yasak Elma) Series will be shared here. It has been confirmed that the actors who gave life to the couple Zeynep and Alihan, who played the main roles of the Yasak Elma series, will be released from the series. Sevda Erginci, who plays the character of Zeynep in the series Yasak Elma, and Onur Tuna, who plays the character of Alihan, are the 46th from the series. they will be separated in the department.

The Actors Who Left the Yasak Elma Series

Erdal Bilingen – Why Cetin left Yasak Elma?

Erdal Bilingen left the Yasak Elma series. Erdal Bilingen played the role of Çetin in the Yasak Elma series.

Emre Dinler – Ömer – Why Omer left Yasak Elma?

Emre Dinler was giving life to the character of Ömer in the Yasak Elma series. The role of Forbidden Apple Ömer was dropped from the series on the March 21, 2022 episode.