The Maraşlı series, which has attracted great attention since its first episode and is frequently mentioned in social media, has become an indispensable part of Monday evenings. Mahur blames herself for what Zeliş lived through. So, has Marash’s 8th new episode trailer been published? What happened in the last 7th episode of Marash?

Marasli Episode 7 Summary

Maraşlı and Mahur take Zeliş to the hospital. Maraşlı is sure that Savas committed this treason and vows to kill him. Mahur blames himself for what Zeliş lived through. Zeliş no longer communicates with the Maraşlı. How will the Maraşlı get their revenge on the war?

İlhan and Ozan will go to meet with Savaş and Savaş will tell about his new jobs. Ilhan protests, but now he’s gone. He makes a decision and goes to Ozan’s house. What will be the danger that awaits Ilhan in Ozan’s house?

Nevzat found one of Savaş’s masked men. By torturing the man, he confirms that Savas did this. Maraşlı sends a note to Savaş when he comes to the address alone with his man. What will happen in the great confrontation between Maraşlı and Savas?

Mahur, Necati and İlhan see Ömer’s photo while looking at their old photo album. Necati gives Mahur important information about Ömer. Mahur and Maraşlı pursue this information. The fact that Maraşlı and Mahur learned will create a bomb effect for both the people of Maraş and the Türel family!