A new claim has been raised for the summer series, which is said to be making a final. This time it will be a series of Baht Oyunu that are said to make the final. According to claims that have emerged after the arrival of the question of whether Baht Oyunu is making the game final on several social media platforms, the series does not have much time left.

So when is the considered time for the final? Has there been a definitive statement on this?

Will Baht Oyunu series make a Final?

According to the latest information, the new series was again among the productions that experienced a loss of ratings despite the production of the season Dec The series began to lag slightly behind the competition in the ratings. After that, it is said that the final decision has been made.

According to claims, the series finale will not be held immediately. In a few episodes, the final decision will be made. During this process, the final preparation will also be made. And the final episode is the 17th.it is expected to be an episode. Obviously, there is no expectation of an extension on this.

As we said, the season series returned very ambitious. Already in the summer, there was a decline in the series, and the final decisions were also announced one by one.