Hello everyone. In this blog, we will show you how to shop online in Turkey. The clothes worn in Turkish TV series are generally sold on Turkish e-commerce sites. Now there is a company that solves this problem. It gives you an address. You send your products to that address from Turkish shopping sites. They pick up the products and send them to you. It’s easy to use and trustworthy shopping solution from Turkey.

How to order online from Turkey?

Shopping from Turkey by showing an address

The name of the website called Yollando. To put it briefly, you become a member of Yollando. It gives you an address that you can use on e-commerce sites. You make your purchases by coming to this address. And after the Yollando team receives and checks the product, it sends your shipment to your home via international cargo companies. You pay the shipping fee and receive your product within a few weeks.

How to use Yollando?

  • Create a Yollando account
  • Get the address Yollando gave you
  • Order from e-commerce sites such as Trendyol to this address, or place bulk orders. Let them combine them all and send your home.

Note: If you plan to shop frequently from Turkey and think that you will use this method frequently, we recommend you to purchase a premium membership. Premium membership benefits:

-20% discount on shipping charges.
-Longer free storage.
-Unlimited shipping addresses.

Register Yollando for free here : https://www.yollando.com/en/register