In this article, we will give information about Demet Özdemir (Zeynep) Clothes and their brands worn on Dogdugun ev Kaderindir Series.

Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir Outfits

We will focus on Demet Özdemir’s clothes, which is highly appreciated and asked by the audience. The combinations of Demet Özdemir, who gave life to the character of Zeynep in the series, are quite stylish and modern. We will constantly update the images we can find for new episodes to stay above our article. The information of Zeynep’s clothes for each new episode to be published will be shared first on our Instagram page and then on this page.

The black double-breasted mini dress brand Zeynep wears is Jaquette, the bag is Bera Design.
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Zeynep pink checkered patterned cardigan Zara Code: 5755/011 Jean Zara Code: 8197/033 (product out of stock)
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