In this article, we searched for the clothes worn in the Mr. Wrong series for you.

The outfits used in Mr. Wrong, which just started on Fox TV, are already intriguing. We will be adding it to our site as we reach the brand information of the TV series clothes used in Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlis) articles are updated as new episodes of Bay Yanlis series are released. You can also send products that you are curious about or whose brand you know with us on our website or on our Instagram page.

Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlis) Ezgi Outfits, Stlye, Clothes, Fashion

Mr. Wrong Ezgi’s Purple Skirt
Mr. Wrong Can Yaman Clothes
Mr. Wrong Can Yaman Glasses

Athlete: Zara Code 0283/001/800
Belt: Academia
Shoes: Mango code 67006731
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Skirt : Naia
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Özge Gürel Clothes Worn on Bay Yanlis (Mr.Wrong)

What Ezgi wears in Mr. Wrong TV series;
Dress: Portrait of a Lady
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Catto Catto
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Özge Gürel’s Yellow Jacket Worn on Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) Series

Özge Gürel – Ezgi’s Pajamas Set Worn on Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) Series

Bay Yanlis Ezgi Dress – Worn on Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) Series

Bay Yanlis Ezgi Pink Dress – Worn on Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) Series