The clothes of all the actors who take part in the TV series Her Yerde Sen are very curious. Because the clothes are in a very modern style, the clothes that everyone will have and wear. What clothes did the female actors and male actors wear in each episode in Her Yerde Sen? We will share the clothes pictures by giving you the number of sections. We can also share what brand some of the clothes are and where they are sold. However, if we cannot find where it is sold, we ask for your help. If you see the same outfit in a store or on the internet, you can write it in the comments section. In this way, our other visitors will also receive information about clothes thanks to you.

Her Yerde Sen Outfits

Selin Sever (Aybuke Pusat) White Dress
Brand: Merve Cisko

You can find the colorful dress that Merve will wear on the new episode of Her Yerde Sen on Saturday, November 2, on the Bershka website.

Orange necklace worn by Selin