Netflix’s Turkish Series “Atiye” Outfits

Hello dear followers. We investigated the clothes worn for the viewers of Atiye, the new Turkish series of Netflix, with its mysterious subject and immersive nature. And in this article, we will present you the wardrobe of Atiye, the leading female character of Netflix’s Turkish TV series “Atiye” as known as The Gift. Her outfits appeal especially to young women aged between 25-35. The refined taste of Atiye’s about her clothing was highly appreciated, so that it is selecting for subject of some magazine programs. Let’s take a close look to the clothes preferred by Beren Saat (the leading actress) to wear in the Netflix series “Atiye”.

Most Preferred Brands and Styles by Leading Actress Beren Saat in the Atiye ( The Gift ) Series

Beren Saat worn on Atiye (The Gift) series, beautiful evening dresses and casual outfits. The most preferred brands of these clothes are; for casual outfits: Oysho, for formal outfit: Özgür Masur.
The most preffered fashion styles for Atiye outfits mostly have dark scale of colours, minimalistic patterns, modern designs and simplicity. The outfits, that are great combinations of comfort and elegance.
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Dress Brand : Özgür Masur
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Dress Brand : OYSHO ( SOLD OUT )
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Atiye Black Dress – Brand Name : Özgür Masur
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