Netflix Turkish Series Aşk 101 Outfits

Hello our lovely readers, welcome to our blog. Today we will talk about the clothes worn on TV series Aşk 101. One of the most watched Netflix-produced Turkish TV series, Aşk 101, which deals with our days together with 1998, is about the adventures of 5 high school-age youngsters who are driven by the method they find in order not to be expelled from school. The Aşk 101 series attracted a lot of attention and started to be followed by many young people. In the film, which includes young star actors such as Kubilay Aka, Alina Boz and İpek Filiz, the clothes, shoes and jewelry worn by the actors started to be sought especially by the young audience.

AŞK 101 is a youth drama, it has a topic that especially appeals to young people of high school age. The outfits of the Aşk 101 series also have the styles that high school students prefer to wear. Dear readers, in the rest of our article, we will share with you the most preferred clothing brands and styles in Aşk 101 series. The most preferred outfit brands are for casual outfit: Mango and Pull & Bear, for formal outfit: LEMANJ, for swim wear: Hazal Orman.

Pinar Deniz’s floral dress by Wear Sisters
Price: 1.400 Turkish Liras
Unfortunately Sold Out

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Worn on Ask 101 Netflix Eda Clothes

Aşk 101 Eda (Alina Boz) Black Swimsuit Brand : H6 by Hazal Ozman
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The brand of this red bustier worn by alina boz on Ask 101 is Selim Baklacı
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